Orchestral Powwow

Orchestral Powwow
  1. Rounddance Ft Northern Voice.mp30:00

  2. East Winging It Ft Black Bear.mp30:00

  3. New Womans Song Ft Jennifer Kreisberg.mp30:00

  4. Pow Wow Rhapsody Ft The Chippewa Travellers.mp30:00

  5. Intertribal Happy Feet Ft The Chippewa Travellers.mp30:00

  6. Missing Mom Ft Sheldon Sundown.mp30:00

  7. Mozart's Ghost Ft The Chippewa Travellers.mp30:00

  8. Imporvisations on the sunset Ft Jennifer Kreisberg.mp30:00

  9. Kakina Pasekok Ft Northern Voice .mp30:00

  10. Round Dance Instrumental.mp30:00

Nominated for 2016 Best Instrumental Album Cris Derksen’s Orchestral Powwow is her 3rd studio album since 2010. Returning to her roots both her traditional classical background and her roots as an Aboriginal person she composed a truly unique, powerful and very Canadian album. Collaborating with Tribal Spirit, a contemporary powwow recording label, Derksen composed chamber symphonic works around Powwow pieces accessed from Tribal Spirit’s library, the same library used by acclaimed A Tribe Called Red.

‘I have always been interested in the intersections of the contemporary and the traditional art forms, music, visual arts, fashion, writing, theater all move forward through these intersections of trying to explain the human condition in new ways by pushing the old in new directions. The Orchestral Powwow Project is just that, using older classical tools with Powwow groups is a way I can express the intersections between the old and the new. It brings together both parts of who I am as a Half-Cree, Half- Mennonite Classically Trained Cellist. What excites me most about this project is bringing our Aboriginal music to the center of the European model and we as aboriginal artists lead the way with our drums and our heart beat to create new forms of music.’

                                                                                    - Cris Derksen